★ Concept design & theme of display

    ★ Emotional impact of display / Mood

    ★ Choice of music / Soundtrack

    ★ Variety, quality & use of colours

    ★ The scale of display and the volume of effects

    ★ Synchronization of display with music

    ★ Final bouquet / Finale presentation

After each Match, DIFF jury, made up of local personalities, assesses and marks the performances for the three top Teams that will be announced after the Fourth Match on 3  June 2017 has completed. The 3 top Finalist will compete on the 24th July 2017 and the winner will be annouced after the last display and be awarded and be Crowned Champion of DIFF2017. Evaluation of fireworks whose minimum duration must be twenty (20) minutes, excluding spoken texts introducing the segment of the display. A penalty of One (1) point will be imposed on the total evaluation for every minute or part of minute duration of the fireworks less than the minimum twenty (20) minutes requirement. This penalty will not exceed ten (10) points.

The Jury must evaluate a great amount of information in a very short time and in the subsequent moments before the next competitor's display on the last match and finale. The Judge is defined as a member of the Jury. The participant is the Team doing the presentation. If the Judge discovers problems in the display, deductions are made according to the severity of the fault. Serious malfunctions such as unintended detonations, or effects exploding on the ground, earn a competitor a penalty for the entry. Only the data given to the panel of judges by the timekeeper will be considered as official and only this data shall serve to impose the penalties as previously stated, if necessary.